About Alex Johannsen

I have always been drawn to figurative sculpture, be that animal or the human form, the characters are all renditions of personal experience. The cats and dogs are from pets past and present, whereas the birds are either from chickens, which I was surrounded by as a child, or other more surreal styles inspired by David Attenborough’s ‘Life Of Birds’. Inspiration can come from any source, cartoons, myths and legends, plays on words,news items, dreams, anywhere, anything, and that is the joy, having total freedom to create.

The human figures are more caricatures of myself, not so much physically as mentally. Humour I think is a huge asset to mankind, and I try and portray this in my work. Saying that, I also have taken on more personally challenging pieces, for example a religious commission for a Church, and a huge model of  ‘Three wise monkeys’ for on top of a council building. These require a totally different mental approach, challenging in a different way, but ultimately as rewarding.

The most rewarding part is getting positive feedback from people who have bought pieces.