God love em, travelled all the way to India and not so much as a sniff, of tigers….everything else…but no tigers….

So if you are looking for a tiger, here’s one i made earlier…..

Melancholy tiger

Melancholy tiger

Galleries where my work can be found

Just a wee list of current galleries stocking work..alas the majority are in Scotland, but fear not i can send work direct to you.

There isn’t a great amount of pieces out there, as these chaps are not mass produced, and they take a wee while to get ‘right’. I love to hear from anyone with any ideas, queries about work.

Thistle Gallery, Glasgow.

Fossfine Art, Battersea, London

Velvet Easel, Portobello.

Annan Gallery, Glasgow.

Strathearn Gallery, Crieff.

Arteries Gallery, Glasgow., Glasgow.